VTU College Branch Codes

No Branch Name Branch Code
1 Aeronautical Engineering ae
2 Aeronautical Engineering mae
3 Architecture at
4 Automobile Engineering au
5 Automotive Engineering mau
6 Bio-technology bt
7 Biomedical Engineering bm
8 Biomedical Signal Processing and Instrumentation lbi
9 Ceramics and Cement Technology cc
10 Chemical Engineering hce
11 Chemical Engineering ch
12 Civil Engineering cv
13 Communication Systems lcs
14 Computational Analysis in Mechanical Sciences mcs
15 Computer Aided Design of Structures ccs
16 Computer Applications in Industrial Drives ecd
17 Computer Engineering sce
18 Computer Integrated Manufacturing mcm
19 Computer Network Engineering scn
20 Computer Science and Engineering scs
21 Computer Science and Engineering cs
22 Construction Technology cct
23 Construction Technology and Management ct
24 Design Engineering mde
25 Digital Communications and Networking ldn
26 Digital Communications Engineering ldc
27 Digital Electronics lde
28 Digital Electronics and Communcation Systems lds
29 Electrical and Electronics Engineering ee
30 Electronics lel
31 Electronics and Comm Engineering ec
32 Engineering Analysis and Design mea
33 Environmental Engineering cee
34 Environmental Engineering ev
35 Highway Technology cht
36 Industrial and Production Engineering ip
37 Industrial Automation and Robotics mar
38 Industrial Electronics lie
39 Industrial Engineering and Management im
40 Information Science and Engineering is
41 Information Technology sit
42 Instrumentation Technology it
43 Machine Design mmd
44 Manufacturing Science and Engineering ms
45 Master of Business Administration mba
46 Master of Computer Applications mca
47 Master of Engineering Management mem
48 Mechanical Engineering me
49 Medical Electronics ml
50 Microelectronics and Control Systems ems
51 Mining Engineering mi
52 Networking and Internet Engineering lni
53 Polymer Science and Technology pm
54 Power Electronics epe
55 Power Systems Engineering eps
56 Product Design and Manufacturing mpd
57 Production Engineering mse
58 Production Engineering and System Technology mpt
59 Signal Processing lsp
60 Silk Technology st
61 Software Engineering sse
62 Structural Engineering cse
63 Telecommunication Engineering te
64 Textile Technology jtt
65 Textile Technology tx
66 Thermal Power Engineering mtp
67 Tool Engineering mte
68 Transportation Engineering and Management ctm
69 VLSI Design and Embedded Systems lvs